Chemistry and Importance

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The importance of Chemistry in our daly life

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The chemistry is the study of substances specially their structure, properties, transformations and the energy accompanying these transformation. Chemistry is very important within our daily lives. We are using it all of the time without even realizing it. Every time we wash our hands in the kitchen or the bathroom we are using chemistry as the bacteria on our hands is being destroyed and the chemicals are working together within the product to ensure that this happens. When we wear sun cream we are also relying on chemistry to ensure that we are going to be as protected as possible from the harmful rays from the sun which can lead to health problems.

Food going bad in our cupboards and fridges is linked to chemistry and why this happens due to the different temperatures and the chemicals in the foods which are going to go off earlier than that of others.

Also the detergent that we use in our washing has factors of everyday chemistry as our clothes are being cleaned due to the chemicals which have been man made to ensure that our items of clothing are not going to be destroyed but are going to be as fresh and as clean as possible.

It is simple to see how chemistry is important in our lives each and everyday. Without it we would not understand why certain foods go off, we wouldn't be able to ensure that bacteria was taken care of and we wouldn't be able to have the clean clothes that we have. We take all of this knowledge for granted and it is something that we would not be able to live without. What Is the Importance of Chemistry in Everyday Life?

Have you ever wondered about the importance of chemistry in everyday life? This is a question you may ask yourself if you're taking chemistry. Otherwise, finding an answer is one of the most common chemistry homework assignments. Here's a look at why chemistry is important.

Medicine In chemistry
Chemistry is used in medicine quite a bit. All the synthetic medicine that we receive is made from various chemicals. You also have Chemotherapy which is used to treat patients that have cancer.

Household Product Recipes:
You can use home chemistry to make many of the everyday household products that you use. Making these products yourself can save you money and allow you to customize formulations to avoid toxic or irritating chemicals.

chemistry used Electronics:
Chemistry is used in battery fluid for preparing sulfuric acid, battery grade. It is also used in water analysis where the solids content of water is known by means of a conductivity meter. In a power plant, it is also important for an engineer to know the basics of water analysis and chemical solids such as calcium chlorides and calcium carbonates Health Care and Beauty:

The diagnostic tests carried out in laboratories, the prognostic estimations, medical prescriptions, pills, the vaccines, the antibiotics play very vital role in health monitoring, control of diseases and in alleviating the sufferings of the humanity. Right from birth control to enhancement of life expectancy- all have been made possible using the unequivocal services of Chemistry. From simple sterilization surgical instruments with antiseptic solution to Chemotherapy and Genome sequencing are all nothing but applications of Chemistry. Injecting cows, buffaloes, goat and sheep with bovine some towrope Increases milk-production but it is indiscriminately being used by sportspersons to un-ethically enhance performance. Aging- a chemical change can only be checked chemically. Most beauty products are produced through chemical synthesis to clean, nurture and protect skins. However their certain ingredients are hazardous to our health in the long run. Cooking:...
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