Chemistry Dilutions

Topics: Chemistry, Dilution, Solution Pages: 2 (307 words) Published: May 29, 2013
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Lesson Objective:

Key Vocabulary:

Lesson pH and dilutions

Science Starter:
Determine the pH of .0103M H3PO4 solution in water. Remember to look at the H+ count.

Box 1 In a dilution, the number of solute particles does not change, just the concentration with respect to the volume. This relationship is _____________________ proportional. Initially, there is 275mL 0.125M stock solution of a substance. -Determine the amount of moles of solute present. -What is the concentration after a dilution when the final volume is 2.50L.

Box 2 Instead of completing 2 calculations for each time a dilution is calculated, scientists use the _________________________________________. _______________________=______________________ Double check the formula using the previous problem. -Initially, there is 275mL 0.125M solution of a substance. What is the concentration after a dilution when the final volume is 2.50L?

Box 3 How would you prepare 60.0 mL of 0.2 M HNO3 from a stock solution of 4.00 M HNO3?

What is the pH of the solution?

Box 4 If 32 mL stock solution of 6.5 M H2SO4 is diluted to a volume of 500 mL. a. What would be the resulting concentration?

STAMP IT!!! Box 5  Your teacher is trying to prepare a lab for the following day and you came in after school to chit chat. She is starting to prepare 250mL’s of 1.5M H2SO4 to use in the lab. Unfortunately she has to leave because of an appointment she forgot about but has asked you for one favor…since she can’t let you be in the lab-she has requested that you do the calculations. Determine how much of the 18.0M H2SO4 stock solution she needs to make the new solution.

b. What is the [OH-] of the solution?

Box 6
 What is the pOH of the diluted solution?


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