Chemistry Essay

Topics: Atom, Universe, Physics Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: April 22, 2007
Becoming a Greek philosopher I would never of thought that I was best known for my atomic theory of the universe, and leave a lasting impact on western civilization throughout my time. I was born in Abdera, Greece around the year 460 BC. My journeys led to far off places that include Egypt, where I learned geometry from the high priests, and also traveled throughout Persia and India. My literature extended over a period and produced over 65 works, including essays on mathematics, astronomy, music, physics, biology, ethics, and medicine.

Though I did not originate the atomic theory, I learned it from its founder Leucippus. While his work too has disappeared, some of its contents may be obtained from Aristotle. He opposed the atomic theory, but in doing so he reviewed its main principles. I attributed to Leucippus's idea that the atoms are "Never ending in number and invisible because of the minuteness of their size. They move in empty space joining together and they produce detectable objects, which are destroyed when the atoms separate." The point at which Leucippus's gathering of the atomic theory stopped and my contributions began, can no longer be identified. In ancient times the theory's major features were sometimes recognized to Leucippus and I both, and sometimes just to myself alone.

Perhaps according to both of us and more often than not myself, the atom was of little amount of matter. The concept of the infinite divisibility of matter was completely opposed by the atomic theory since within the center of the atom there could be no physical parts or empty space. Every atom was exactly like every other atom as a piece of corporeal stuff. But the atoms were also different in shape, and since their lines showed an infinite variety and could be set in any direction and arranged in any order, the atoms could enter into countless combinations. In their dense core there was no motion, while they themselves could move about in empty space. So for the...
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