Chemistry for Human Welfare: It’s Promises and Concerns

Topics: Nuclear fission, Chemistry, Chemical substance Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: August 27, 2012

2011 had been officially declared “The International Year of Chemistry” t o commemorate the achievements of chemistry and its contributions to mankind. It is so fitting that 2011 is the centenary year for the award of Nobel Prize to Marie Curie for her discovery of Radium and Polonium. Also this is the 150th birth anniversary of Dr. P .C Roy. All living things in this beautiful world are nothing but chemical industries. Variety of chemical reactions and out and out chemicals involve in them. So life is nothing but chemistry. Chemistry is used in every field – physics, biology, earth science, material science, medicine, engineering etc. Linus Pauling, the great Nobel Laureate said “It is impossible to deny that Chemistry has played a major part in determining the nature of the modern world". How does it play a major role in every day life? Well, this involvement usually begins first thing each morning. Most people wake up with an alarm in which cells are made of electrodes and chemical reactions produce electricity. Toothpaste and tooth powder contains fluoride peroxide, baking soda etc. Water we use for washing, bathing and drinking is H2O, an essential for life. Soap, talcum powder and other cosmetics we use are only chemicals. Food we eat contains fat, protein, carbohydrate and minerals. It goes on and on with chemistry. The first Human contact with Chemistry came by accident. When pre-historic man struck two stones together, got spark which lit the wood with wondrous flame – Fire. It is combustion due to burning in air. Inspiration came to know how water exists as solid, liquid and gas and the wonderful colors and smell of nature. List of benefits from the field of chemistry is unlimited and endless. To illustrate, a few examples include…. •Agriculture …Pesticides, fertilizers.

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