Chemistry in Our Life

Topics: Chlorine, Drinking water, Water Pages: 17 (3269 words) Published: November 29, 2011
|Top of Form |[pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic] | |Throughout our lives, chemistry plays a key role in keeping us healthy. Today we’re living | | |healthier and longer lives—more than 30 years longer over the past century—thanks in large part | | |to innovations made possible by the business of chemistry. | | |And the future holds new breakthroughs, from shelf stable “plastic” blood that mimics | | | artificial skin that lets prosthetic wearers sense touch and | | |nanotechnologies that deliver custom designed drugs based on a patient's DNA. All made possible | | |by chemistry. | | |Chemistry and Health Care: | | |Chemotherapy and other drugs now are delivered more accurately on plastic patches and dissolving| | |discs, and nanotechnology can deliver drugs to specific cells. | | |Premature babies are kept safe and warm in plastic incubators. | | |Vaccines have eradicated once crippling diseases. | | |Medical devices such as pacemakers and blood bags save lives every day. | | |Lifesaving medicines help us combat disease and live longer. | | |Diabetics readily test their blood sugar levels with a simple chemical test. | | |Chemistry and Safe, Abundant Food and Water: | | |Food growers use chemistry to apply fertilizers that deliver essential nutrients to soil, | | |resulting in a wholesome, abundant food supply—without fertilizers, the world food supply would | | |shrink by one-third! | | |Food growers also use chemical compounds to eradicate a plethora of disease-carrying pests that | | |compete for our food supply. | | |The World Health Organization estimates that diseases associated with dirty water kill at least | | |6,000 people every day. Chlorine chemistry is the most effective weapon against waterborne | | |bacteria and viruses—that’s why water treatment facilities across the world rely on this basic | | |element to clean and disinfect drinking water. | | |Chemistry and Active, Healthier Lives: | | |The gear and equipment we...

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