Chemistry in Our Lives

Topics: Chemical element, Chemistry, Atom Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: April 12, 2011
Our planet Earth is unique in the solar system because as far as we know, life can exist only on Earth. Since life evolved, many processes have been taking place. Many elements have been present on Earth. Mankind has always had the thirst to find out why and how things happen. Mankind started to learn and research new and new things and thus the way of living started to improve. Science is the study of things. There are many branches of Science like Nature Science, Physics, Biology, Botany and many others.

Chemistry is one such branch of Science where we learn about various elements in nature and also about their physical and chemical properties. We even have Chemistry as a subject in schools. Some students find Chemistry boring but it is a really interesting subject for those who love to explore the world of Chemistry. We come across various things and happenings in our lives. The reasons for almost all of the happenings have their roots in Chemistry. We learn about the structure of atoms, molecules, atomic number (Z), mass number (A), valency and various other things of various elements and compounds.

Chemistry has a huge impact in our daily lives. We wouldn’t have been able to save the lives of millions of people who were or are sick if life-saving medicines were not invented with the help of Chemistry. Paraffin wax was chosen by man for use in candles as man had the knowledge that it would vaporize on heating and a flame will be produced. The basic match-stick was invented 5000 years ago. The modern safety match which is made by a mixture of Antimony Trisulphide, Potassium Chloride and Red Phosphorous was developed around 200 years ago. Could have man invented the safety match if he hadn’t had the knowledge of Chemistry? Fertilizers such as Urea, Ammonium Sulphate, Super Phosphate, Potash and NPK, pesticides and weedicides which play important roles in agriculture have been invented only due to the knowledge man had in Chemistry.

We wouldn’t have...
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