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Topics: Nitrate, Ion, Solubility Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: March 21, 2013
The purpose of this lab was to see which solutions are soluble and which are not. We were able to see this by mixing certain solutions together and observing changes that occurred.
The procedure for this experiment included a few different steps. The first steps were to add the nitrate solutions into the lettered parts of the 96-well plate. Once you were done with that, you were supposed to add the sodium solutions to the numbered parts of the 96-well plate, so that the solutions were added together. You were supposed to observe the different reactions occurring. Once you observed each reaction take place, you needed to fill out your data table. Data Table: Solubility Rules Table|

Negative Ion (Anions)| Positive Ions (Cations)| Solubility ofCompounds| All negative ions are with| Alkali ions (Na)| Soluble| All negative ions are with| Hydrogen (H+)| Soluble| All negative ions are with| All positive ions| Soluble| Nitrate NO3- ions are with| All positive ions are| Soluble| Acetate CH COO- ions are 3with| All positive ions are| Soluble| Chloride, Cl-Bromide Br-Iodide I-| CuAll other positive ions| Low SolubilitySolubleSoluble| Sulfate SO 2-4| BaAll other positive ions| Low SolubilitySoluble| Sulfide S -2| All positive ions| Soluble|

Hydroxide, OH-| Ba| Soluble|
Phosphate PO 3-4Carbonate CO 2-3Sulfite, SO 2-3| H| Soluble| Once you recorded all of the data, there were a few questions that needed to be answered. A. Compare your results with the solubility rules and/or solubility table in your chemistry text. I would say that my results turned out pretty close to the rules in the text book. I observed many different reactions occurring. The colors of the solutions changed from clear to purple, from clear to blue and yellow, and from clear to a milky white color. There were also changes from a light yellow to a dark almost orange color. B. Do your results agree with your expectations from the...
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