Chemistry Lab

Topics: Light, Atom, Color Pages: 2 (367 words) Published: January 12, 2015
Access the virtual lab and complete the experiments.

Part One (Flame Test):
1. Create and complete a data table for Part One of the lab. It should include the name of the element (or unknown) examined and the color of the observed flame:


2. Identify each unknown from Part One of the lab and briefly explain why you identified each unknown as you did.:

Unknown 1-yellow. I think it is Sodium because their flames were both yellow.
Unknown 2-blue. I think it is Potassium because their flames were both blue.

Part Two (Spectroscopy):
3. Create and complete a data table for Part Two of the lab. It should include the name of the element, the colors, and the wavelength values of the observed lines.:

Hydrogen- purple;410nm blue;440nm green;510nm green;540nm green;550nm yellow;575nm red;660nm red;680nm red;700nm

Helium- blue;450nm turquoise;510nm yellow;590nm red;690nm red;735nm

Sodium- yellow;580nm yellow;585 yellow;595

Neon- purple;420nm turquoise;515nm green;520nm green;525nm yellow;575nm yellow;580nm red;700nm red;710nm red;720nm red;745nm

Mercury- blue;430nm blue;450nm green;540nm green;550nm yellow;570nm

4. Describe the line spectrum of the star. Give the color and wavelength value of the five brightest lines in the spectrum.:

5. Explain, in your own words, why different elements produce different colors of light when heated.:The energy levels of elements and of their atoms are different. When heated all the molecules jump around into wavelengths that we perceive as color.

6. Why do you think elements must be heated before they emit colored light?: The heat added to the elements adds energy to excite all of...
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