Chemistry Lesson Plan

Topics: Ion, Chemistry, Ionic bond Pages: 2 (333 words) Published: March 8, 2011

(1)Classify ions according to their composition, charge, and oxidation number (2)Define chemical formula
(3)Explain the importance of representing ions, elements and compounds using chemical formulas (4)Write and name chemical formulas of compounds using the Stock System and Classical System MATERIALS:

power point presentation videosflashcardstextbookperiodic table of elements MOTIVATION:
When two or more elements combine, what is formed? (compound). What represents a compound? (chemical formula). How do we write the formulas of compounds?

1.Let the students define the following terms: compound, metal, non-metals, ionic compound, covalent compound, ion, cation, anion, polyatomic ion, oxidation no. , chemical formula, binary compounds, ternary compounds. 2.Ask the importance of giving chemical formulas to compounds. 3.Classify compounds as ionic or covalent. If ionic, identify whether binary or ternary. 4.Specify the rules in writing chemical formulas of binary ionic compounds using the Stock and classical method. 5.Specify the rules in naming covalent compounds.

6.Discuss rules in naming chemical formulas of binary ionic and covalent compounds 7.Show a list of polyatomic ions and discuss the rules in naming ternary compounds. 8.Show a video presentation on naming and formula writing.

9.Drill the students on the use of stock and classical names by grouping them into four or five. Flash 5 chemical names or chemical formula on the screen and ask them to write their answers on a sheet of paper. After 5 minutes, assign one member from each group to write their answers on the board.

EVALUATION: (short quiz)
A.Name the following compounds
1.PCl3 ________________
2.FeSO4 _________________________
3.Pb(OH)4 ______________________
4.CuCO3 ______________________
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