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Topics: Vitamin C, Guava, Chemistry Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: November 4, 2013
Presence of oxalate ions in Guava Chemistry Investigatory Project Published by  M.A.EBENEZER
A chemistry investigatory project on the presence of oxalate ions in guava with all the required sample readings and observations, graphic customized and ready to print.( Though you will need to change the credentials.) See More



Guavas are plants in the Myrtle family (Myrtaceae) genusPsidium (meaning "pomegranate" in Latin), whichcontains about 100 species of tropical shrub. On ripeningit turns yellow in color. Rich in vitamin C, this fruit is a richsource of oxalate ions whose content varies during thedifferent stages of ripening.Guavas have a pronounced and typical fragrance, similar to lemon rind but less instrength.t is a carboxylic acid, primarily found in plants and animals. It is not an essentialmolecule and is excreted fromour body, unchanged. Our body either producesoxalate on its own or converts other molecules like Vitamin C to oxalate. Externalsources like food also contribute to the accumulation of oxalate in our body. Theoxalate present in the body is excreted in theform of urine as waste. Too much of oxalatein our urine results in amedical condition calledhyperoxaluria, commonlyreferred to as kidneystones. Diet is looked upon as apreventive measure in addition to medication to treatkidney stones.

(1)Weighed 50 g of fresh guava and crushed it to a fine pulp using pestleand mortar. (2)Transferred the crushed pulp to a beaker and added about 50 ml dilute H 2SO4 to it. (3) Boiled the content for about 10 minutes. Cooled and filtered the contentsin a 100 ml measuring flask. (4)Made up the volume 100 ml by adding ample amount of distilled water. (5)Took 20 ml of the solution from the flask and added 20 ml of dilutesulphuric acid to it. (6)Heated the mixture to about 600C and titrated it against (n/10) KMnO4solution taken in a burette till the end point had an appearance of pinkcolour. (7)Repeated the above...
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