Chemistry-Reactivity of Metals

Topics: Metal, Hydrogen, Chemical reaction Pages: 4 (846 words) Published: March 18, 2014
Title: Metals
Problem statement: A new metal called Taffium was found to possess properties similar to the elements of Group 2. Plan and design an experiment to ascertain whether this element should be placed above or below magnesium in Group 2. Hypothesis :

If Taffium reacts with cold water to form Taffium hydroxide and hydrogen then Taffium is above Magnesium in Group 2. Aim : To determine whether Taffium is more reactive than Magnesium in Group 2. Apparatus and materials: Taffium, Magnesium powder, two 250 ml beakers, cold water, spatula, splint, match, Procedure :

1. Fill a 250ml beaker with cold water.
2. Using a spatula, add two loads of Magnesium metal powder to the beaker. 3. Allow partner to light a splint very quickly to test for a gas. 4. Steps 1-3 were repeated using Taffium metal instead of Magnesium metal. 5. The experiment was repeated to improve accuracy.

Controlled: quantity of Magnesium and Taffium used, volume of cold water used Manipulated: Magnesium, Taffium (metals used) Responding: Products formed due to reaction with each metal with cold water Data to be collected:

Table showing the products formed and inference due to the reaction of Taffium and Magnesium with cold water. Metal
Effect of gas on lighted splint/gas evolved


Expected results / prediction:
The reaction of Taffium and cold water will produce Taffium hydroxide and hydrogen gas which extinguishes a lighted splint with a pop if it is above Magnesium in Group 2. Treatment /analysis of expected results:

Metals are elements and are good conductors of heat and electricity. Most of the metals are electropositive in nature and the metal atoms lose electrons in chemical reactions to form cations. The more reactive a metal, the greater tendency it has to form a positive ion in a chemical...
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