Chemistry Research Task

Topics: Periodic table, Chemical element, Chemistry Pages: 4 (1259 words) Published: October 8, 2012
Chemistry Research Task

The Periodic Table of Elements

The Periodic Table of Elements is used as a way of displaying all the known chemical elements; it is accepted and used all over the world. The periodic table’s layout is very well structured; it consists of vertical rows called groups and horizontal rows called periods. It is one of the most important resources in chemistry and the key to discovering new elements. The beauty of the Periodic Table is that a lot of information about any element can be gathered just by looking at its position within the table. Effectively understanding the table is essential for chemistry. The physical and chemical properties of elements can also be predicted; even the prediction of how a certain element will react with another can be made with good accuracy, using the periodic table. This is all because of its trends and amazing structure. In the Periodic Table, a group is a vertical row going from top to bottom. Groups contain elements that have similar outer shell electron configurations. This means that if you look down a group of elements, e.g. Group 2 and write each of the elements electronic configurations, they will all end in S2. Each group is numbered according to the outer shell electron configuration of the atoms, of that particular group of elements. Usually groups of elements are numbered in Roman numerals, going from I-VIII. A period is a horizontal row going from left to right across the table. Each period is labelled from 1-7 and contains elements that have electrons which are in the same outer shell. The number of an elements outer shell will be equal to the number of the period it’s in.

Positioning of Elements in the Periodic Table

Elements have been strategically placed around the periodic table to have something in common with the elements around them… Atomic radius or width of an atom is half of the length between two nuclei of a diatomic molecule. The atomic radius increases as you move...
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