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Science and PE Division
Course Syllabus: General Chemistry II
Spring 2014
Chem 1405– 42491 (4 Credit Hours)( for Non-Science Majors)

Tentative Course syllabus

NOTE: The instructor and the Eastfield College reserves the right to amend this syllabus as necessary. You will be notified of these changes if and when they are necessary.

Instructor: Prem Adhikari
Phone: 972 / 860-7023
Office: C221
Office hours: By appointment
__________________________________________________________________________________________ PREREQUISITE:
One of the following must be met:
(1) Developmental Reading 0093 or English as a Second Language (ESOL) 0044 or (2) Have met Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Reading standard. (3) Developmental Mathematics 0090 or higher or the equivalent COURSE DESCRIPTION:

Introductory Chemistry 1405 for non-science majors is designed to meet the needs of students with no background in Chemistry or who are in need of additional preparation before taking Chemistry 1411. This course is concerned with the study of matter presented at an introductory level. The prerequisite for this course is DMAT 0091. Topics covered include: chemistry and measurements, matter and energy, atoms and elements, compounds and their bonds, chemical calculations, gas laws, solutions, acids and bases and nuclear reactions. This syllabus is your legal contract for this course.  The first requirement is that you read it entirely.  You are responsible for all of the readings and assignments as defined.  Questions or issues requiring clarification are welcomed at any time. REQUIRED OR RECOMMENDED MATERIALS (ISBN FOR TEXTBOOK):

Required textbook:Introductory Chemistry for Non-Science Majors, the pearson custom edition for Eastfield College, by Timberlake. This book can be ordered from the bookstore ISBN#: 1256414824. It is bundled with Eastfield custom edition lab manual for first part of the laboratory and homework code for Mastering Chemistry. Lab Supplies: You must order a lab kit CK-EF. Order your LabPaq online at once you are sure to continue the class, as the returned policy is strict. For labPaq order call 866-206-0773 x 114. OR, go to here, and enter Log in ID: C 000091, Password, labpaq (all lower case) and Choose CK-EF. You can obtain any digital balance with an accuracy of 0.1 grams. Recommended digital weight balance from NorthShore Care Supply ( is Triton T2 digital precision handheld scale, Item # 7400 ($19.95). Other required materials:Laboratory Safety Goggles (may be purchased at campus bookstore) Scientific Calculator

1. Demonstrate understanding of the subatomic particles and types of matter 2. Use the Periodic Table to identify metals, non-metals and metalloids 3. Make calculations using the metric system of measurements and significant figures.

The course is to demonstrate a general knowledge of the basic concepts in chemistry, and to prepare the student for Chemistry 1411. CORE CURRICULUM COURSE OBJECTIVES:
1. Reading: The ability to analyze and interpret a variety of printed materials such as book, documents and articles written at a level above the 12th grade level 2. Writing: The ability to produce clear, correct and coherent prose adapted to a purpose, occasion and audience at a level above the 12th grade level 3. Speaking: Ability to communicate orally in clear, coherent and persuasive language appropriate to a purpose, occasion and audience at a level above the 12th grade level 4. Listening: Analyze and interpret various forms of spoken and visual communication at a level above the 12th grade level 5. Critical Thinking: Think and analyze at a critical...
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