Chemistry: A Boon to Mankind, but when Misused Can Be Hazardous

Topics: Flavor, Chemical reaction, Food Pages: 4 (1252 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Chemistry has had a huge impact in our society, as it is the basis to a lot of products and knowledge we now have of chemicals around us everywhere. Chemistry has given us knowledge of the chemicals we come into contact with everyday explanation of how they are good or bad to the human body. They create a prescription drug that makes us well from an illness, and also research new medications, drugs, and products to ensure awareness. Chemistry is an integral part of our lives and surroundings, the knowledge and application of it has contributed in shaping our society and civilization. In this article, the approach is to investigate the effects or impacts of knowledge in the field of chemistry on various aspects of the society. One of the most significant changes contributed by the understanding of long-terms effect created by the inappropriate disposal of domestic chemical wastes is the shift of chemical production lines predominantly by modifying the conventional process to produce a more environmental-friendly product. Based on the traditional scope of chemical’s life process constructed by Chemistry Department of UMICH, the life of chemical is broken down into three segments, raw chemical acquisition, production and processing, and product utilization. The fate of product (in this case, chemical) after its disposal was not normally taken into consideration by manufacturer. Such ignorance has certainly created complex problems with large scale impact on the environment and ecosystem while providing simple solutions to satisfy immediate societal demands. Take the case of plastic for example, while enhancing the packaging of industry; the disposal of this chemical product has resulted in many environmental problems threatening the society. In Plastic Waste Management Awareness Creation and Public Education program launched by Ministry of Environment Science and Technology (MEST), the ministry declared an astounding statistic that seventy percent of plastic...
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