Topics: Chemistry, Chemical reaction, Hydrogen Pages: 4 (786 words) Published: March 5, 2015
Experiment 1: Observations of Chemical Changes
Lab Partners: None
Date of Experiment: February 25, 2015
Location: My House

Abstract: The experiment intended to provide observations of chemical changes as the primary objective. The experiment was divided into two parts, first, mixing two aqueous solutions of ionic compounds. The second part involved the observance of heating and combustion reactions, using the supplied solid elements and compounds. Experiment and Observations: The first part of this experiment involved mixing the compounds, provided by Hands-On Lab, in a 24-well plate. Aqueous solutions of ionic compounds were mixed in eight separate wells. A few drops of each solution were mixed in a well and any reaction was immediately observed and recorded. A table was made noting the ionic compounds being mixed, along with a brief description of any chemical reactions that were observed. The second part of the experiment was to observe solid elements being heated in a test tube, as well as, being ignited in a combustion reaction. Metal elements and compounds provided by Hands-On Lab were first heated in a test tube over an open flame. Next, each solid substance was placed over the open flame using either tweezers or a metal spatula. A table was made noting the initial observation, including when the substance was being heated, and when the solid element or compound was ignited by a direct flame. Mixing Aqueous Solutions of Ionic Compounds

Ionic Compounds Mixed
Description of Reaction
Chemical Reaction
HCl + NaHCO3
Colorless, effervescing
(1) NaOCl + KI
No reaction
(2) NaOCl + KI + Starch
No reaction
KI + Pb(NO3)2
Bright yellow, cloudy, precipitate
NaOH + C20H14O4
Purple, pink, opaque
HCl + C20H14O4
No reaction
NaOH + AgNO3
Clear pink, brown precipitate
Milky white, cloudy precipitate
AgNO3 + NH4OH + Sunlight
Purple brown dry paper towel
Cloudy, light blue,...
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