Child-Free Marriage

Topics: Great Depression, Marriage, Religion Pages: 4 (1504 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Child-free marriages are being recognized around the world as the newest trend, however, they have been around longer than many might assume. Females have played a major role in this trend, blossoming out from the traditional motives of involuntary childlessness to the modern motives of voluntary child-free marriages. In order to appreciate this unique and free spirited lifestyle, it must be understood that other influences may hinder a couple from reproducing. Through time, several motives for the lack of reproduction have encompassed war, depression, gender differences, and social religious freedoms. Analyzing these reasons will allow a greater insight into the decline in child bearing.

Postponement of marriage caused by economic depression was the beginning motives (traditional) that in turn are participants in the increase of childless couples. The phrase, “The economically proper time to marry,” is the best way to describe the marriages of the early 1900's. During the early 20th-century, people were stuck with unavoidable poverty due to the Great Depression and two World Wars. These hard times also had a negative effect on child-bearing. The First and Second World Wars left some women, widowed at a young age and those women may have never remarried and borne children (Rowland, 2007). Another dreadful effect of war and depression was the obligation to hold off expanding a family caused by financial constraint. Unfortunately, married couples who postponed having children until a better time risked remaining permanently childless if they delayed too long (Rowland, 2007). In addition, by the time the economy and daily life returned to normal, some couples might have become accustomed to being childless and voluntarily decided against starting a family (Bavel, 2010). Needless to say, children are expensive and cause financial constraints on marriages.

Most everything in the world is becoming more expensive and children are no different. Economic...
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