Child Marriage

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Child marriage is a type of violation of girls’ human rights. Child marriage has became serious in some country such as Africa, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Afghanistan, etc. Child marriage is a type of marriage that involves either one or both partners who are under age and this type of marriage may carried out illegally. According UNIFPA (2006), Child marriage also can be defined as “any marriage carried out under the age of 18 years, and is involves the girl who physically, psychologically, mentally and physiologically immature.” Child marriage always take place under pressure and either one of the partner are not willing to marry (Otoo-Oyortey and Pobi 2003). And we could recognize that child marriage has brought lots of adverse consequence for young girl and also became a hindrance to the development of country.

Child marriage can be caused by variety of factors. For instance, poverty, tradition and religion, lack of education and job opportunities etc. However, the main reason for this problem to occur is poverty. In many undeveloped country, their economic are not prospers. The citizens of these countries do not have enough job opportunities. This caused some poor family willing to marry off their young daughter to reduce their burdens. In traditional societies in Sub-Saharan Africa, the parents will get a high bride price if they marry off their young daughter (UNICEF 2001).Besides that, in many Sub-Saharan cultures parents will receive a high bride price if they marry off their young daughter who is near puberty (Anju Malhotra 2010).In addition, Parents who are poor and unable to afford their daughter living expenditure will marry off their daughter at young age because lower dowry are only need to pay. The dowry is easily to afford compare to the living expenditure of their daughter.

Child marriage also caused by the limitation of education and economic options. In some conservative and feudal communities, the parents consider that...
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