Child Marriage Research

Topics: Marriage, Human sexuality, Arranged marriage Pages: 3 (838 words) Published: December 4, 2012
2. Background
Child marriage is classified as being married before hitting the age of 18. Worldwide, there has been calculated to be over 60 million child brides, many in developing countries. In various regions, a young girl is often unknowingly arranged by her parents to be married to a man of their choosing. One day, she could be playing with her brother and sisters at home and , before she knows it, she is being married off and sent to live with her husband and his family who, typically, are no more than strangers to her. She can be removed from school, robbing her of her education and hard work and separating her from her friends. In addition, once she is married, she is at a higher risk of becoming a target of domestic violence from her new family and suffering from health issues related to underage sexual activity and pregnancy. Marrying at a young age can result in consequences that last for the rest of their lives. Girls married off at such an early age are basically forced to perform sexual activities leading to the unwanted high rates of maternal and newborn deaths and sexually transmitted diseases. The risk of death during a childbirth and pregnancy is five times higher for girls under 15 years of age than women over twenty. One factor that plays a central part in causing and bringing about child marriage is poverty. Families living in poor developing countries often do not have the resources to supply girls with a healthy life. They feel that marrying them off is the only way to contribute to their daughter's future. Most cultures and traditions have child marriage established in them, but change is necessary and also possible. 3. UN Involvement

In 1979, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, or the CEDAW, was implemented by the UN General Assembly. Basically, it stated that all action needed to indicate a minimum marriage age shall be taken. However, almost thirty years later,...

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