Choosing a Vacation Spot

Topics: Amusement park, Fishing, Recreational boat fishing Pages: 3 (1191 words) Published: November 13, 2011
I choose to do vacation spots and picked the beach and the mountains.

I.) I am nervous about going to the beach, because we are going to do a lot of stuff we have never done before. 1.) Distance
a.) The beach is further away
b.) You can’t go as often
c.) You can’t stay as long
2.) Activities
a.) Amusement parks
b.) Fishing
c.) Parasailing
d.) Deep sea fishing
3.) Expense’s
a.) More expensive on gas
b.) A beach house and a cabin around the same price
c.) More novelty shops

II.) My trip to the mountains is going to be very fun because we’ve signed up to do a lot of things. 1.) Distance
a.) The mountains are closer
b.) You could go more often
c.) You could stay longer
2.) Activities
a.) Camping
b.) Fishing
c.) Hiking
d.) Trout fishing
3.) Expense’s
a.) Cheaper on gas
b.) Cabin and beach house around the same price
c.) Fewer novelty shops

I choose to compare and contrast the beach and the mountains because they are my two favorite places to go. There are many things to do at both places, some very different and some of the same stuff.

Choosing a Vacation Spot First of all with the beach being eight hours away, I am not able to go as often, because it is not worth driving 16 hours just stay for two days. Also, when there is more drive time, I will have to leave sooner. With having to leave sooner It will take me an extra two days in driving, so that would cut out two days of my time at the beach. Therefore I would want to choose the beach if I had a longer time to vacation. Therefore when looking into a vacation I look at distance, activities, and expenses. Secondly, when I travel to the beach, I like to visit amusement parks. So if I want to visit an amusement park like Busch Gardens while at Virginia Beach the prices are 66 dollars and 99 cents per person....
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