Christian Marriage and Family

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Christian Marriage & Family Counseling Diana Carpenter Course: CC-540 August 29, 2008 Vision Int’l University “Liberty” Doctorate Program

Restoring the Moral Structure of the Family
By: Guillermo Maldonado


As I read this book, my heart was pounding stronger than normal. I believe everything it says. This book covers every area of marriage and family possible and it covers it thoroughly. It is amazing that within the pages of this book there are such profound truths and with that in mind, I believe every family should have a copy of this book in their personal libraries.

Chapter 1: Marriage is a Covenant
The foundations for building strong families are defined in this chapter. The explanation of a covenant is defined as a written agreement between two or more people who make a commitment to do something within the agreed specified stipulations and does involve signed documents to be complete. On the other hand, the definition of a pact is inclusive of but not limited to a contract with legal and formal documents that must include a relationship between two parties to be complete. In the Word of God there are three pact institutions that were created by God and they are specified as (1) the family, (2) the church, and (3) the government. Marriage is a legal relationship established by God and for this reason it is also considered a marriage pact, (because it involves the relationship between two people). It is a union that according to the Bible is sealed not only by legally binding documents but also by God Himself. Because of God’s seal on this pact or union, He is the supreme authority of this relationship and no man can divide it. The marriage union is not to be taken lightly because it involves the union between two parties and God and many times it also involves children. For this reason God has stated in His Word that He hates the division of this union, that He has designed, which the world calls the “D” word, DIVORCE. God hates divorce and that is very clear and is not to be argued. The fear of the Lord is to hate what He hates and love what He loves. Because God hates divorce, it is our duty, as the Church, to discourage divorce and teach the body of Christ what pleases our Lord and how best to take care of what He has given us, our families.

Chapter 2: Marriage Breakers
There are many threats that become marriage breakers. One of which is having too many commitments and personal fatigue. In order to avoid this type of threat it is important to prioritize. I have always heard it taught, God first, family second, ministry or career third. This practice will help families avoid troubles not only in their marriages but also in the child rearing areas. Another threat is the area of finances. People get themselves into trouble financially by spending too much money. Many people lean towards the idea of; the more you make, the more you spend. This is true of all nationalities but especially in America where credit is easy, resulting in unnecessary spending and bad investing. Other marriage breakers include selfishness, lack of communication, sexual frustration, failed business ventures, success in business, being married too young, not getting along with in-laws, and unfounded jealousy. Of course there are solutions to every area of difficulty in a marriage. But if two parties are willing, they can overcome any and all threats; praying that the One who designed this marriage, God Himself, will rescue them from all their troubles.

Chapter 3: The Differences between Men and Women
Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. That is what has been always been taught. How true it is; different sexes, different components, we are definitely different than our counterparts. God...
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