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Topics: Auditory learning, Educational psychology, Learning styles Pages: 2 (350 words) Published: March 3, 2014

1. Name and describe four basic learning styles.
-VISUAL LEARNING: The visual learner feels most comfortable learning through seeing. When learning a new subject, the visual learner prefers to read words and look at diagrams and pictures. Visuals learner are most comfortable with reading print and online materials. -AUDITORY LEARNING: The auditory learning prefers sound. When learning, the auditory learner feels most comfortable listening to new materials. Auditory learners prefer to hear lectures, participate in class discussions, and listen to recordings and podcast. -KINESTHETIC LEARNING: The kinesthetic learning prefers to learn by involving the whole body, not just the mind. He or she prefers to learn through real-life experience, role playing, designing and buildings things, interactive programs, and interviewing. -TACTILE LEARNING: The tactile learning also prefers to learn by doing, but primarily by using the hands. Highlighting, note taking, and underlining, sketching, and diagramming are characteristic ways for the tactile learning to learn. 2. List study techniques that word best with each learning style. -Visual learning: People use their eyes. Print thinks, see images. -Auditory learning: by listening for example use an MP3.

-Kinesthetic learning: They like making things.
-Tactile learning: People learn by table notes, lab class, highlighting. 3. Describe a good study area.
A good study area it’s a quiet place people need silence to concentrate and get better ideas. 4. Describe the PQR method for reading to learn.
-Previewing: Mean scanning the selection, looking for main points and Discovering how the material is organized.
-Questioning: Ask yourself.
-Reviewing: When you are studying, something and is not enough. You need Review.
5. Explain how you take good notes.
- You need take notes in class, listen for work clues from the teacher, review Notes after class, due the...
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