Clinical Chemistry

Topics: High school, Chemistry, Graduation Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Ever since I was in school I always wanted to be a medical doctor. Most of my teachers used to ask me about my future ambitions, and I would always tell them that I wanted to be a doctor. The reason for me wanting to be a doctor was the fact that I liked to the idea of treating people without any charges. To me this was a very humanitarian action to do. Therefore, when four of my family members died as a result of blood cancer, I decided that I must know all I can about blood cancer. I had so many questions that I needed answers such as whether this disease was genetically inherited or not. I also wanted to know why blood cancer killed people so quickly. Therefore, I made my goal to ensure that I must become an expert in the field of laboratory science after graduating from high school. In my opinion, this was the best way to get answers to the many questions I had about blood cancer. I knew that achieving the required grade to study laboratory science meant I had to work very hard in high school. I graduated high school with flying colors, and I was all set to join university and study laboratory science. However, my father strongly rejected the idea of me studying in a school so far away from home. He insisted that I either chose a different major or stay at home. I decided to choose a different major which happened to be chemistry. I convinced myself that after all science is science. I decided that once I finished the chemistry major, I would support myself to study the laboratory science. I worked very hard in chemistry as I was aiming to graduate with honors. However, during the course of my study, I learned my things, which left me very surprised since I did not think that chemistry could contain so much information. In fact, it came to a point that I liked it better than laboratory science. This became a major turning point in my career as I decided to study clinical chemistry instead of laboratory...
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