Cognitive Dimension of the Reading Apprenticeship

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The cognitive dimension of the Reading Apprenticeship framework concentrates on problem solving strategies that help students make sense of the text and provide various powerful ways to read (Schoenbach p.191). Some of these reading strategies include chunking, previewing, clarifying, making connections, visualizing, questioning, predicting, and summarizing. I will focus on chunking text and reciprocal teaching because I feel that these strategies are vital to comprehending a text because they demonstrate immediate evidence of understanding. I see chunking text aligning with the cognitive dimension because through this strategy the students are indirectly told to compare how they analyze and group the important parts of a text. I would start chunking a text with reading aloud to the students. Then the students would be asked to write down the process that they think the text is explaining. After the students have written down what they think are the important parts of the process the text is describing, I would help the students see the parts that they think are important. In mathematics we do this process all the time without thinking about it. Every time a teacher explains a mathematical process this is what they are trying to do without involving the students. However, by involving the students the teacher is modeling the process for them. I have used this activity with my seventh graders by reading a problem to them from the textbook and then completing the process summarized above. This way the students are learning an effective way of understanding a process they are reading about in a text. Therefore, I think that this activity will boost comprehension. Reciprocal teaching can be beneficial when used in student-directed groups to comprehend a similar text (Fisher & Frey p.10). This can be done with students divided into groups of four. Each student can be assigned a specific role: predictor, questioner, clarifier, or summarizer. The predictor will guess...
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