Cohabitation Before Marriage

Topics: Marriage, Cohabitation, Family Pages: 3 (844 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Cohabitation Before Marriage

Nakia Davis

John Tyler Community College


In past generations, cohabitation has not been the most popular type of relationship, and some of our elders often refer to it as, “sinful.” In recent years, this intimate partnership has increased tremendously, and is preferred by more than fifty percent of American couples, and the rates are even higher among adults with failed marriages, according to the U.S Census Bureau in 2009. (Berk, 2010). This review examines how and why couples of today’s society choose to cohabit, as opposed to the traditional way of being married first. Through this study, a young couple is interviewed to show how living together before marriage can be a successful way to a long-lasting, and fulfilling relationship. This research also lists the pros and cons of couples sharing a home, finances, and other assets before forming a legal, civil union, and children.


Cohabitation Before Marriage
Cohabitation refers to the lifestyle of unmarried couples who have a sexually intimate relationship and who share a residence. (Berk, 2010). Most couples in the United States prefer this method of intimacy over marriage. One article states that living together in a romantic relationship without being married is the most common first co residential union in the United States, and that two-thirds of recently married individuals have cohabited. (Vespa & Painter, 2011). Earlier research showed that couples who cohabited before they were engaged to be married were more likely to divorce than couples who waited to live together until after they were married. (Berk, 2010). This may have been true before, but new studies have been performed that shows cohabitation has little or no affect on the divorce rate. A study was conducted by the Center for Disease Control and...

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