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Topics: Slavery, British Empire, Atlantic slave trade Pages: 13 (7602 words) Published: November 19, 2014
WA1 - Colonization (VLee)
Posted by   Vincent Lee  at Thursday, October 30, 2014 2:04:04 AM EDT Schroon Mountain, Adirondacks, is an oil on canvas painting.  It is a painting of Schroon Mountain in New York done by Thomas Cole around 1837. It is a naturalistic painting with use of natural colors, as well as shading and highlighting to give the viewer a sense they are staring into an actual landscape.    It uses the triangle and pyramid, but the sweeping slopes of the mountains and the forested hill in the right foreground gives it a diagonal axis suggesting movement.  The painting is meant to inspire awe and appreciation for the land that is the United States of America, a nation still in its infancy compared to the old nations of Europe.  The painting essentially is the idea of Manifest Destiny, prevalent at that time, given form in art.  It conveys the promise and potential of what awaits the citizens of this new nation, like Paradise or a Garden of Eden awaiting for the “Americans”, essentially white men, to explore and safeguard.  There are two Native American figures in the landscape that is not apparent upon casual perusal.  The indigenous people are depicted as if that they may as well be part of the landscape, and this reflects subconscious attitudes of the white Americans who see themselves as destined to safeguard this land. The Slave Ship is an oil on canvas painting, painted in 1840 by Joseph Mallord William Turner.  It depicts a slave ship in a storm tossed sea fleeing from the approaching typhoon, and the turbulent waters in the foreground are filled with struggling black slaves inhumanely tossed from the ship to lighten the load.  The colors are fiery and vibrant, the lines are feathery and not distinct painted on with broad brush strokes.  All of these qualities are meant to evoke a sense of urgency and anxiety.  This painting is from the Romantic period when artists expressed thoughts and emotions using landscapes.  Britain had outlawed slavery, and slave trading, but British economy and industry indirectly rely on slave labor.  Slaves are sold in America as cheap labor for cotton production, which is then traded to Britain where the British textile industry make cotton goods and export to world market for profit.  There are some in British society, who abhor slavery, and see British colonization as a benign influence on these foreign lands.  They believe that colonization brings civilization, enlightenment, and protection from slavery. Both of these works carry a sense of urgency, whether venturing into the verdant interior for the Americans as suggested by Schroon Mountain, Adirondacks, or halting the evils of the slave trade in the Slave Ship.  Both support colonization by idealizing it as some sort of great destiny or duty of the civilized white men to bring civilization and enlightenment to these savage lands.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Colonization- Cole and Turner
Posted by   Salina Cheung  at Wednesday, October 29, 2014 11:39:05 PM EDT Colonization by Western European countries, predominantly by the British Empire, was very prevalent during this time period (1492-1914). The practice of colonization was done to increase the land in the empire, including the resources available in the conquered areas. However, the invasions of lands by various nations and their establishment of power over the native people resulted in tremendous changes in the existing societies and populations. These consequences of colonization are displayed by Romantic paintings, such as The Slave Ship and Schroon Mountains. Romanticism was popular in Europe and America during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. This movement focused on the individual’s thoughts, emotions, and imagination as a response to global events.  

The Slave Ship, a 90.8 cm X 122.6 cm oil on canvas painting, was created by Joseph Mallord William Turner in 1840. His painting uses warm colors and broad brush strokes to capture the...
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