Colgate's Distasteful Toothpaste

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Applying the motivating factors and strong leadership qualities made successful in the United States to the workplace where multicultural issues possibly exist; by reinforcing the employee’s capability to understanding and changing their views and overall performance effectiveness as well as its impact on employees. Motivation and motivators differ across cultures as well as leadership and leaders. Practices that might be highly motivating for employees in one country may not be as effective in others. In some cultures work is more central to one’s life than in other cultures. In culture’s that value work, people’s self-identity is derived from their work; they “live to work”. In some cultures which place less value on work, people’s self-identity is tied to other factors such as family, friends, etc.; they “work to live”.

A general description of a leader might be someone who is charismatic and seeks to develop a transformational style of leadership. Charismatic/transformational leadership is thought to broaden and elevate the interests of followers, generate awareness and acceptance among the followers of the purpose and mission of the group and motivate followers to go beyond their self-interests for the good of the organization. But different cultural groups may vary in their conceptions of the most important characteristics of charismatic/transformational leadership. In some cultures, one might need to take strong, decisive action in order to be seen as a leader, while in other cultures consultation and a democratic approach may be the preferred approach to exercising effective leadership.

1) Leadership features in different contexts
In today’s era of reorganization, revolution, and change, Leadership is essential for the organization’s competitiveness. It can be pursued through different style and can be perceived in a distinct way according to the various contexts. For this reason we can figure out a plurality of Leadership styles, each one of those better fits with a specific environment. Five Leadership Styles seem to be the most common:  Directive Leadership: very well known in America and even more common in Asia, the leader is in charge to give a clear mission and a specific direction to the teams.  Participative Leadership: more common in Europe and Japan than in America, it involves close teamwork with others.  Empowering Leadership: is relatively new and some few young Asian Business Leader are now espousing this style, it stresses the delegation of responsibilities to subordinates. Big American Companies operate with autonomous Divisions.  Charismatic Leadership: is a sort of attraction that leads people to follow the leader not for his business success or for his good management, but simply because is the leader who looks like a leader.  Celebrity Leadership: this style refers to how it is the leader’s impact outside the Company. This style requires, more than the others, good communication skills. Managerial practices and motivational techniques that are legitimate and acceptable in on culture may not be in another. Motivating workers in culture’s valuing work can, in part, come from the work itself and not the manager’s actions. When cross-cultural considerations enter the picture, leadership and motivation becomes even more complex. What is acceptable in one nation may be socially and even legally unacceptable in another nation, and the manager may be forced to adapt differential solutions to dilemmas in different nations. We do not yet possess a useful profile of the dilemmas that managers in various ethnic and national cultures face, but the role of the leader typically becomes more complex as the extent of global activities facing a particular firm widens. I. Allow the needs of your team to coincide with the needs of your organization. Nearly everyone is influenced by the needs for job security, promotion, raises, and approval of their peers and/or leaders. They are also...
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