College Success

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Steven Cortez
December 11, 2013
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College Success
College. The word brings up so many images of lectures, noisy dorms, ridiculously hard finals, annoying roommates, and never getting enough sleep. How can anyone expect a bright-eyed kid to be thrown into the raging ocean that is modern day college and not drown? Luckily there have been many studies on this topic and the result is a giant “student life-vest” that will help you stay afloat, but only if you hold on to it for dear life. Engagement, work, interpersonal support, and personal factors lead to collegiate success with improved grades, persistence and graduation time.

Grades have an important role in college. Obviously you need good grades to complete college, but they can also grant you access to many scholarships. One key factor that affects grades is engagement. (Kuh, 2008, p.555) By doing activities such as going to class, studying, and attending sporting events you are engaging in your school. “Student engagement in educationally purposefully activities is positively related to academic outcomes as represented by first-year student grades and by persistence between the first and second year of college.” (Kuh, 2008, p.555) Those who engaged themselves in engagement activities had an average increase in their GPA by about 0.04 points. (Kuh, 2008, p.547) This may be a small number but you have to take in account the people who came into college with high GPAs who had little room to improve. So what does all this mean? The preliminary research states that students who take the time to go to class and support their college have more of an emotional investment in their college, and therefore, work harder toward a higher GPA. (Kuh, 2008) Studying is also an engagement activity, which in turn leads to a higher GPA. Studying equals a higher GPA, who knew?

Another factor that affects a student’s GPA is working while in school. Most students work in college to...
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