Colonial Experiences of Britain and Africa

Topics: Slavery, Atlantic slave trade, England Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: September 19, 2013
Nguyen, Bryan
AP US History 2
6 September, 2013

Chapter 4: Quick Write

Colonial experiences of Britain and African slaves had unexpected similarities and differences between the two opposing forces. Britain evidently sailed to Africa to find and capture the people who resided in it. Dukandarra, in Guinea, serves as an example as one of the findings of slaves for Britain’s economic growth. The people of this residence were led by Saungm Furro, Price of the tribe. The tribe was quickly and easily captured, where they traveled through the ocean. Saungm was interrogated thoroughly, but would not reveal his treasures; therefore he was shot and killed. African men invaded Britain’s ship successfully, and ironically they put them also for sale. The African slaveholders were now acting just like other slave holders, but just to protect themselves and just as selfish. The slaves had no room for any type of action; they could barely move and just had to do their business where they were. Many died on the voyage, because the lengths of travel of British ships were usually weeks long. The majority of the slaves died on the ship, proving the poor care of the English. The major difference between the Africans and the British was the difference in power. Though they both had the same ideals, they were treated very differently. Slaves that were sold were most likely never to see each other again. The English ships were more taken care of than the slaves themselves. Though they were enemies, the British owe the Africans for their prosperity; the Africans want their names in the book too. Britain had quite a lot of work handling the slaves and tortured those who disobeyed. The slaves had to work six days a week with no source of income. Living as a slave caused much suffering and grief. As the English grew in wealth, the more slaves were imported; Britain had a financial growth larger than they ever had before. The slaves were hard workers while the English were...
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