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Topics: Atlantic slave trade, African slave trade, Slavery Pages: 5 (1142 words) Published: April 4, 2013
THE AMERICANS pg 64-84 notes:
Chapter 3: The Colonies Come of Age
Section ONE: England and Its Colonies, One Americans Story
- 17 yr Eliza Lucas= left to manage S.C plantations, mom= ill dad= at war - plantations= indigo dye, got english goods
* Many colonies benefit, main reason is to enrich Britain

-mercantilism= countrys goal= self sufficiency, all countries in comp. to get most gold/silver - nations concentrate of balance of trade, sold against bought. Want more in then out
* Colonist branch to foreigners, other places call it a threat * 1651 Englands Parliament passed Navigation Acts= law restricting colony trade * Navi. Acts= benefit England, and most colonist, get $ from tax, only engh. Ships TENSIONS EMERGE

* Navi acts= not good for every1, marchants= = force them to smuggle/ illegal trade * 1684 king Charles 2 punished colonist he though resisted English power

* Charles= has evidence
* Puritan leaders= expressed feelings toward royal authority * 1684 fail to persuade ma, England revokes colonys charter THE DOMINION OF NEW ENGLAND
* James= wants to make colonies more obedient, assigns one ruler to Boston * Southern main= NJ = 1 big colony= Dominion of New England * Sir Edmund Andros= veteran in military
* Queshd puritan religion, no privileges, you are all slaves, no assemblies, higher taxes * Andros= lots of enemies quick
* 1688 colonist in MA send some1 to London to get old charter restored

-voted for the throne to go to William and mary Of king james protestand daughter -parliament= goes back to original way
-1691 =religious tolerance, discrimination towards other religions= NO! ENGLAND LOOSENS THE REINS
1688 england focuses more on france then colonies, france= competing with England for control on Europe SALUTARY NEGLET
-eng= lightely forces new measure
-eng. Looser on rules for economic loyalty of colonies
-salutary neglect= effects polotics
-govenore= highest authority; advisory cousin; elected by “eligble colonist” (white males w/land) -govenors= not as powerful as seem to be
- less watch from eng. Made colonies want self gov’t, eventually turn into rebellion, Nehemiah= shows concer in 1707 SECTIONS TWO- The Agricultural South, One Americans Story
-fall 1773- Philips Vickers= leaves home in Princeton NJ to tutor kids of Robert Carts 3rd -journal= about treatment on slaces, fascination of plantation systems - African slaves= unwilling but important role

-robert carter= specialized = cash crop, tobacco w/ weed, indigo LIFE in SOUTHERN SOCIETY
* Southern colonies grow in wealth/pop. But also diversity A DIVERSE and PROSPEROUS PEOPLE
-1700’s Europeans come to NA for a new start
-South= germans in marland and VA south Carolina, scots/scots irish -mid 1700s souther colonist=
-1713-1774= tobacco exports= triple
* Few legal rights/social
* Can’t vote/preach, even wealthy women
* Women= do hard work
* Regardless of class bowed to husband, men hit their women INDENTURED SERVANTS
* Few rights
* Few seen life improve, struggle to live
* Southern colonist turn to other option for labor needs= African slaves SLAVES BECOMES ENTRENCHED
-African slaves= consider property of others
-1600’s-1700’s= 1000 of Africans in N.A put into slavery; cruel labor THE EVOLUTION OF SLAVERY
-native americans could easily escape colonies because they know the land better -i.s pop fell, $$ for them rose
-black Africans thought better for labor, harsh treatment
-1690= 13,000 slaves in southern colonies, 1750 incrieased to 200,000 EUROPEN SLAVE TRADE
-before english had slaves, they were in the west indies
-late 1600’s surgar plant’s. in Jamaica/ Barbados= 10x thousands -barbados African pop in 1690= 60,000, 3 x’s white pop....
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