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Topics: Marriage, Arranged marriage, Social class Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: February 7, 2014

Young ,beautiful, unique, talented, artsy, dughtifull, goal-drivin´. All those words are adjectives that a person could possibe use for discribing Shanaz. A teenager, barely an adult who is now married to a relative, older but at the same time more childish than her. Shanaz is a muslim and in order of reaching her goal, an art degree, did she make an compromise. She agreed to an arranged marriage. She agreed to marry a complete stranger. For a person brought up in a western country, used to having barely boundaries, this will seem quit strange. We are used to controlling our own personal life but wouldn´t there be a lot of positive consequences as well, if somebody else would choose for us? How would it affect our life afterwards and how far should every single person go, just for reaching his/her dreams?

Everybody, especially women, know that feeling, the pressure about finding the right partner to build a family with. If a women wants to have children the pressure is even bigger because they aren´t getting younger and their biological clock is ticking... We all want to find the perfect match for ourselves, for sharing our life with someone, for having someone to share our problems with. If our parents would choose our partner we probably wouldn´t feel the pressure. We wouldn´t have problems with the acceptance of the new parents in-law. Everybody, in both families, would try to make it as comfortable as possible. This would make the life easier because the familyacceptance is for most persons really important. Not for no reason is the saying "Blood is thicker than water" popular in nearly every language. Humans often choose a person as a soulmate, who is having a similar backround. They can understand the other person somehow better and they probably have learned the same values during their childhood. A shared backround is also one of the most important standards for the parents while searching a future husband/wife for their child. However...
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