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Running Head: Discussion Question

Module 2 Assignment 1

Discussion Question 1

Role of the Target Audience (Hypothesis 5)

Dawna M. West

B6120 UC Communications Strategies for Managers

Argosy University

Professor Jillian Yarbrough

January 19, 2011

The Role of Good Listening Skills in Cross-Cultural Communication

Communication is the key to understanding. Without communication confusion forms and chaos will soon follow. Not only is communication important but good listening skills are needed as well in order to process the communication that’s being delivered. Cross-Cultural Communication is even more challenging because along with the need for communication and good listening skills there is the need for interpretation because different words may mean different things to different cultures. The different cultural levels are identified as national, regional, gender, generation, social class and corporate (Barrett, 2009). The barriers of these cultural levels can only be broken down if the proper communication and listening skills are utilized. One of the key components of communication and good listening skills is understanding what the actual cross-cultural barriers are and then focusing the communication to address those needs. One major barrier is the different languages that are spoken and these languages are not just limited simply to countries it even exists within men and women who communicate so different that it’s a mystery that there is ever a connection between the two genders (Barrett, 2009). Cross-Cultural communication is important because we live in a diverse world on so many different levels and if success is the answer communication has to be the formula.


Barrett, Deborah. J. (2009). Leadership Communication 3rd Edition.

References: Barrett, Deborah. J. (2009). Leadership Communication 3rd Edition.
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