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Communication is the activity of conveying information through the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, visuals, signals, writing, or behavior. It is the meaningful exchange of information between two or more living creatures. One definition of communication is “any act by which one person gives to or receives from another person information about that person's needs, desires, perceptions, knowledge, or affective states. Communication may be intentional or unintentional, may involve conventional or unconventional signals, may take linguistic or non-linguistic forms, and may occur through spoken or other modes.” Communication requires a sender, a message, and a recipient, although the receiver doesn't have to be present or aware of the sender's desire to communicate at the time of communication; thus communication can occur across vast distances in time and space. The communication process is complete once the receiver understands the sender's message. Communicating with others involves three primary steps:

Thought: First, information exists in the mind of the sender. This can be a concept, idea, information, or feelings. Encoding: Next, a message is sent to a receiver in words or other symbols. Decoding: Lastly, the receiver translates the words or symbols into a concept or information that a person can understand. There are a variety of verbal and non-verbal forms of communication. These include body language, eye contact, sign language, communication, and chromatics. Other examples are media content such as pictures, graphics, sound, and writing.

Definitions of Communication
-Eric Moonman-
“The Manager and the Organization”

“Communication is the capacity of an individual or group to convey ideas and feeling to another individuals or group, and where necessary to evoke a discriminating response”

-Richard M.Hodgetts and Steven Altman-
“Organizational Behaviour”

“Communication is the process of transmitting meanings from sender to receiver”

-G.A. Cole-
“Management: Theory and Practise”

“Communication is the process of creating, transmitting and interpreting ideas, facts, opinion and feelings. It is a process that is essentially a sharing one a mutual interchanging between two or more persons”

Verbal Communication
Human spoken and pictorial languages can be described as a system of symbols and the grammars (rules) by which the symbols are leaded. The word "language" also refers to common properties of languages. Language learning normally occurs most intensively during human childhood. Most of the thousands of human languages use patterns of sound or gesture for symbols which enable communication with others around them. Languages seem to share certain properties although many of these include exceptions. There is no defined line between a language and a dialect. Constructed languages such as Esperanto, programming languages, and various mathematical formalisms are not necessarily restricted to the properties shared by human languages. Communication is the flow or exchange of information within people or a group of people. Nonverbal communication

Nonverbal communication describes the process of conveying meaning in the form of non-word messages. Some forms of nonverbal communication include chromatics, tangible, gesture, body language or posture, facial expression and eye contact, object communication such as clothing, hairstyles, architecture, symbols, info graphics, and tone of voice, as well as through an aggregate of the above. Speech also contains nonverbal elements known as paralanguage. These include voice lesson quality, emotion and speaking style as well as prosodic features such as rhythm, intonation and stress. Research has shown that up to 55% of human communication may occur through nonverbal facial expressions, and a further 38% through paralanguage. Likewise, written texts include...
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