Communication as a Cross-Cultural Challenge for International Management

Topics: Cross-cultural communication, Culture, Intercultural competence Pages: 58 (18335 words) Published: April 8, 2013








ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The known quote: “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success” was first said by Henry Ford and during our writing process we have sincerely experienced the successful concept of keeping together. Additionally, support, inspiration and patience from people in our surroundings have contributed to our ability to go through with this project. First and foremost, we would like to thank Zehra Sayed for your commitment and your time as our supervisor and mentor during the entire writing process. We owe much gratitude to you and we would not have come this far without you and your continuous support. We are also very appreciative to the corporation Gina Tricot, since they gave us the opportunity to conduct a valuable case study on their experiences to write this thesis. Above that we would also like to greatly thank the Retail Manager, Fredrik Appelqvist, and the Design and Purchasing Manager, Anna Appelqvist for all the important information you contributed with during our interviews. Finally, we would like to acknowledge the authors of previous theoretical investigations for being a great source of inspiration for our work.


BACHELOR THESIS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Title: Authors: Tutor: Date: Keywords: Communication as a cross-cultural challenge for international management: a case study of Gina Tricot Frida Mordenfeld, Sandra Johansson, Pamela Hinojosa Giron Zehra Sayed The  18th

 2012 Communication Effectiveness, Cross-cultural communication, Culture, Fastfashion, Gina Tricot, Globalisation, International Business relationships, International Management, Performance Effectiveness

ABSTRACT Cross-cultural communication challenges arise for managers in international corporations on a daily basis, and in order to evaluate why these challenges occur we conducted a case study in collaboration with the fast-fashion corporation Gina Tricot. Our work challenges the influential theory that cultural proximity leads to less miscommunication within the business environment. By using Griffith’s model on a fashion-based corporation, our thesis demonstrates that geographical distance is not an aiding factor in superior communication within multinational corporations, however, the longevity of relationships have a more deciding impact. Global expansion and the rapid development of technology contribute to faster communication possibilities across boarders, therefore the highly international, dynamic and quick communication based fast-fashion industry becomes an interesting object when studying crosscultural communication. Moreover, this research will investigate which specific areas of business communication that creates the greatest challenges for international managers within the fastfashion corporation Gina Tricot’s cross-cultural operations. Our secondary sources are mainly based on previous models and guidelines for effective crosscultural communication, with David Griffith’s model of “Communication Effectiveness” as a main resource. Furthermore, it enabled us to test how well Griffith’s model applies in the fastfashion industry. Our primary data was obtained by a close collaboration with Gina Tricot in a case study fashion, by conducting personal interviews with retail...
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