Communication in Marriage

Topics: Marriage, United States, Love Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: May 14, 2012
Communication in Marriages
Michelle Faulkenberg
Jennifer Lloyd
May 7, 2012

Communication in Marriage
The article states that any couples only speak to each other n average of three minutes during an hour long dinner. (Schoenberg, 2011). I find this to be all too true. I find that most dinners my husband and I say very little to one another. We mostly just talk about whats on tv or what we are having for dinner that evening. I do agree with the article that sometime during the day should be set aside for quality conversation. There are many things couples can discuss besides mundane chores and the like. I feel it is important to discuss your relationship and family. It would be time better spent. It would also help to make your relationship better and more loving. The text describes self-disclosure as: “the process of making intentional revelations about oneself others would be unlikely to know.” (Pearson, 2000). I can relate to self-disclosure in my relationship. I can relate to the fact that people that have been together of a long time cant find anything to talk about. My husband and I sometimes have problems finding things to talk about. We mostly don’t have too much trouble though. I know my parents who have been together forever only ever talk about work, even on vacation. I think self-disclosure may be necessary for some in a relationship. I don’t really know if it is needed for satisfaction though. I think there are many other things needed for satisfaction in a relationship. I am referring things like loving, caring, and really knowing the other person. I think if you really know someone then self-disclosure shouldn’t be a factor in the relationship. The article states that men need affirmation more than women do. I know my husband appreciates it more when you give him a hug and tell you love him rather than just telling him you love him. I think people of all genders like to be told they are loved and appreciated. Our society is...

References: Schoenberg, N (2011, January 17). Can we talk? Researcher talks about the role of communication in happy marriages. Chicago Times-Tribune.
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