Communication Theories and the Advertising Industry

Topics: Uncertainty reduction theory, Axiomatic system, Communication Pages: 3 (982 words) Published: April 11, 2014
Nowadays, as people’s education increase, they pay more attention on food’s safety and nutrient value; parents tend to choose baby formula with highest nutrition for their baby, even for high price. Thus, many companies want to decrease parent’s concern and increase band image plus credibility though advertising at the same time. In this paper, we use uncertainty reduction theory to compare three 2012’s baby formula’s television commercials. Because all baby formulas are very much alike, to stand out from the market and differentiate themselves from their direct competitors, they have to assure customers that they are the best.

Although these three television commercials are selling similar product, its focus are different. Because the target audiences have different concerns, different strategies are used to reduce each uncertainty; including concern for baby’s health, concern for baby’s brain development and concern for baby’s growth process. Therefore, each baby formula’s brand has their own selling point which aims to attract and touch different customer’s needs. For example, PediaSure tries to satisfy customer’s psychological needs of wanting their children to be number one, and provide facts that the baby formula contains twenty-seven nutrients while having most doctor recommendations(Cannationnest, 2012, 0:30). Besides associating its brand with a caring image, Frisomom’s ad includes information relating to its packaging and segmentation strategy: differentiated marketing for children’s different growth stage and its 130 years history being a famous Holland brand (Tongmanhongz, 2012, 1:00). Last but not least, Enfagrow positions itself as a top sales baby formula with much DHA (Tongmanhongz, 2012, 0:30). However, all of these three ads are trying to reduce uncertainty of potential customers, which are parents worrying if the baby formula would really help their children’s growth. The aim of these ads is to explain to them that the baby formula really...
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