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Compare/Contrast Essay
Final Draft
25, June 2012
Camping or Resort I have always wondered what would be the difference between camping at a state park and a resort vacation. I looked into two different vacations that a family might enjoy, comparing the difference between what it would take to prepare for, the prices for a week and what is offered with both. Primitive camping consists of a tent, fire ring and a picnic table. Families usually cook on the fire ring and bring food. There is no television, couch, air conditioning or even a soft bed. A bathroom is provided fairly close to a camp site, usually in walking distance. All of the supplies that are needed should be brought with the camper. With a resort, it is a room that has a bed or beds, a bathroom, electricity, a television and air conditioning. Packages for a resort can include dining (three meals a day), vehicle rental and entertainment packages. Usually, all families have to bring is clothes. Initially, for comparing pricing of both destinations a person has to narrow the search. Primitive camping at a state park for a six night, seven day trip would be roughly $120.00 for up to six people. However, a family of four Disney resort trip for a week stay would be $2,150.00 (Disney). These prices do not include the cost of travel. The Disney price includes tickets to the amusement parks for all seven days. Next I was looking at activities between the trips for families to enjoy together. Many parks offer fun things to do in the campground, like mini golf courses, basketball courts, volleyball courts, horseshoe courts, or tetherball (Ohio state parks). Some state parks have swimming pools, ponds or lakes to swim in. Many also have playground equipment for the young ones to enjoy. On certain times, they have themed events like Christmas in July that the family can participated in. All of these activities are included in the camping fee. Likewise Disney offers plenty for families to do. Some include playgrounds, pools, fitness areas, mini golf courses, tennis courts, volleyball courts and the beach. They also have bike rentals, water craft rentals specialty cruises and carriage rides (which cost extra). The hotel offers babysitting in the room if a night away is needed. Remember that a pass to the theme parks are included in the price. Besides all of the above, they also have animal programs, kid programs and movies under the stars. Parents should never hear, “we are bored” out of their children’s mouths. Camping has many outside activities to enjoy. A couple examples are horseback riding, canoeing, which might cost extra, and hiking on the trails. Some State parks have park rangers that give wilderness shows with live animals of the area (ohiostateparks). These activities can be enjoyed by the whole family. Disney has so many extra activities that the family can do such as behind the scenes at the different parks. A couple of the packages are the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and The Pirates League. The prices range from $12.00 to $200.00 per person for special experiences (Disney). This is only if a person wants to spend more. Also transportation is a factor in deciding on a choice. With camping, driving would be the only way to a destination. However with a resort, driving, and flying or by train are all options. The price and distance is a huge factor. When deciding on a trip, starting...

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