Comparing education around the world

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Education across borders:
how schooling differs in different countries
The education in some countries can look very controversial to other countries. There are different methods that are relevant for that country that could not fit any other country. There are different approaches to the educators or to the system in every country. Two countries, different from one another, that suffer from the same problems as all western countries, are so different with their approach about education in their country. While in Israel, where the educators do not get their rightful place, the respect they deserve, in Finland the things are different. The government authorizes the schools and the teachers to do as they think right. Israel is working according to the first strategy for promoting education- with a traditional uniform curriculum, when in Finland the opposite strategy is succeeding- when the curriculum is planned for each student individually and the emphasis is on the future student. In the Finnish schools the exams are used as a tool to for the best path to a successful future, unlike Israel, when the exams are meant for comparing the level of the students. As it seems, the Finnish method is working better according to the international exams. In the same time, there is another high leveled country, just like Finland, that is France. The French education puts a huge amount of time and effort into the school systems and a great emphasis on the grades, but while the students are very bright and educated, they lack a very important factor. As a comparison with the British education system, this is the factor of the character building, the well-being of the children and their personality. The difference is so great that when the students in the British schools get the self-nurture they need, the students in France develop stress symptoms and phobias about making mistakes. While in Britain the children get the emphasis on sports, arts and other ways to succeed, the...
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