Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan

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Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan
Theresa Stryjek
Grand Canyon University
13 April 2014

Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan
Section One: Vision Statement
As an educator I will encourage the students to do their best in the classroom leading to academic growth. Utilizing new technology to enhance what is taught from the textbook will help the children reach academic plateaus and beyond. Research has shown that technology is being used for communication in the educational environment. This advancement has allowed for new possibilities in regards to collaboration and sharing of information and knowledge that will be expected to expand over time. New forms of technology “have the power to improve parent-teacher relationship by providing easy, efficient, and effective methods of communicating information regarding students” (Zieger and Tan 30-54). Section Two: Mission Statement

I will provide all of my students a safe and nurturing environment to allow them to thrive and grow both academically and personally. Every student will be given the upmost respect which will teach them to reciprocate these behaviors amongst themselves. Through the creation of an environment conducive for learning the students can utilize the many resources available so they may achieve their academic goals. These resources include numerous educational websites, in addition to other technological resources, that will help students surpass academic standards. A class web site is an informative tool that provides access to what is being taught in the classroom and can be presented through pictures and videos. This means of communication helps to reinforce, to the student, lessons they have been recently taught. The class web site is a solid link, when utilized by parents, between home and school. The site often includes the parent handbook, homework assignments and class activities. This advancement in technology allows the parents an opportunity to stay connected with the school community (Vitalaki, Anastasiadesm and Tsouvelas 125-135, 2014). Class web sites reach out to the local and global communities as well. The school accountability committee encourages and provides opportunities for citizens “to be involved in the planning and evaluation of the school’s instructional program and quality improvement process” (Vitalaki et al). Planning for unexpected emergencies is something every school must consider and have protocol in place for contacting parents. An important element of the protocol is the emergency contact list. This information is necessary to implement student release procedures and should be updated every school year. This will ensure timely communication between the school and parents/guardians if the student should get sick or injured during school hours. As an educator, I have Found EPALS to be an educational tool to connect my students to the global community. This resource allows teachers and their students to participate in collaborative projects. Through this opportunity the children are connecting with students around the world while taking part in educational activities, discussions, and games. One of the projects through EPAL is sharing cultures- a collaborative project between China and the United States. This project gives American school children the opportunity to learn about China while sharing their experiences with students from another country (Vitalaki et al). The cyber world can be a very scary place, but one that isn’t going away. For this reason, shielding children from negative portions of the internet has been a growing concern over the past few years for both the parents and the educators. Teachers today have the responsibility to inform their students on how the internet can be used as a resource for finding information in a safe manner. “Misleading and inappropriate information on the web is one of the major problems that children tend to have...

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