Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan

Topics: Educational psychology, Education, Teacher Pages: 13 (4600 words) Published: July 20, 2011
Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan
Brittany Morrow
Grand Canyon University: EDU-225
July 3, 2011

This paper is a personal technology plan that includes my personal philosophy on integrating technology in the classroom as well as my professional goals concerning technology in the classroom. My Mission and Vision Statement are included as well as a plan for communications, integrating technology, software to support assessment, and technology ethics for a strong guideline in the classroom. Although this plan will need to be revised as advances in technology are made this is strong ground work that I can build on as a professional educator. Using this plan I can ensure that my students are using the latest advancements in technology to further their education while staying safe, I’m continually involving the parents in their child’s technology education, and using technology as part of my daily lesson plans to ensure full understanding of the standards being taught.

Mission and Vision Statement
As I enter my elementary classroom on a daily basis, I plan to welcome each student into a positive, encouraging learning environment. I will plan each lesson to appeal to each of the different learning styles so that each child can benefit from the lesson. I will use the most updated technology available to make the classroom environment fun and challenging while still achieving standards. My vision is to see each child leave my classroom with good memories, a stronger self-confidence, and the knowledge to build on as they enter their next level of school.

Communications Plan
As I enter my first year of teaching, communicating with all parties involved with the students and concerning our overall goal for the year I will need a dependable plan for communications. I will need to communicate with my students, their parents, my school administration, and my community. I will need to use several different communication resources so that each person has a way to communicate that is appropriate for them.

The first means of communication I will use will be a class website. I will establish this before the school year actually starts so that at registration the students and their families can receive the web address and become familiar with me, and my classroom before actually arriving for the first day of school. On my class website, I will include information about me including contact information, pictures of my classroom, classroom policies, school supply list, important events scheduled throughout the year, any important announcements, and a place to submit questions. If approved by the administration and depending on what grade level I will be teaching I may also include a place where students can communicate with each other. Obviously information about me and my contact information is essential and sets a open atmosphere where the parents feel like they can connect and communicate with me. Pictures of the classroom will be fun for the students and also relieve some anxiety they may have. Classroom policies are important not only so that students and their families can become familiar with them but also to cover myself so that I may always be able to say “you received a copy of the classroom policies on our classroom webpage”. Although a classroom website is a fun, open way to communicate some parents may prefer a more private means of communication like e-mail.

I will have a professional e-mail address established for communication that only concerns my professional affairs. With this e-mail I will communicate not only with parents as a way to answer questions and discuss their students progress but also to communicate with administrators. Sometimes administrators are very busy and find it hard to find time to have a physical meeting. With e-mail communication can be fast and convenient when physical meetings are not necessary or available. My e-mail address will be...
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