computer networks and topologies

Topics: Network topology, Computer network, Star network Pages: 4 (1551 words) Published: April 22, 2014
Question : Discuss the goals of computer networking in the business and any three topologies and which one you would recommend for your organization and why. Computer networking is when a set of electronically connected computers can share information and resources amongst themselves, and also define how this sharing is going to take place this is according to ( It creates borderless interrelationships .it is a practice that is adopted by most business organizations because of the effect it has on operations and is done to achieve certain goals as an entity. As it has been mentioned above that networking involves the sharing of information this means file sharing in the organizations is inco-operated. This means memorandums; performance figures, presentations and any written information including media files that are important can reach everyone who is concerned and not having anyone left out. This is done to minimize rescheduling of meetings, missing of deadlines just because information could not be efficiently shared raising organizational costs. The enabling of file sharing also applies to multiple but authorized personnel, which minimizes unethical behaviors in the organization should information end up in the wrong hands. A business organization is known as a social entity where good and services are offered to satisfy customer needs while generating profits to achieve business goals. Profits can generally be generated by minimizing costs in the business and channeling those finances towards other investments. Computer networking reduces costs incurred in setting up hardware for example a networked printer; there will be no need to set up a lot of expensive printers, storage expenses are also minimized by installing particular software once which can store up humungous amount of data in one location and making it available across all connected computers. Afore mentioned it battles with geographical distances, saving on time and...

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