Computerized Enrollment System

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Lemery Colleges
A. Bonifacio St., Brgy. Bagong Sikat,
Lemery, Battings

Computerized Enrolment System
( System Analysis and Design )

Submitted to : Submitted By:
Mr. Delio AtienzaGroup II
Leader : Ilao, Ana Roselle S.
Members : Maristela, Jesthien B.
Assadourian, Kathrene S.
Holgado, Khimberly G.
Reyes, Aileen D.


A. Background of the Study

The proposed computerized enrollment system is a study wherein a specific step by step of procedures were done. The assigned or group of students gathered data from different kind of students with different courses and year levels with the information and guidance given of their professor ( Mr. Delio Atienza ) . The researchers conduct the questionnaire and survey interview to the students who serves as their respondents to answer the questions about the current situation they encountered during the manual enrollment system, to know the thoughts or ideas of the students about the current kind of enrollment does the Lemery Colleges have, their views and opinions if the computerized enrollment system has been approved, the advantages and disadvantages or the effect of it to them as a student. At the end the researchers analyze the gathered information data base from the responses of their respondents without any biased before they present the result of this study to their professor ( Mr. Delio Atienza ) and to their classmates.

B. Company Historical Background

Cognizant of the important role that the computer education plays in the lives of the Filipino society more specifically in the Western part of the province of Batangas, a young but energetic couple Oscarlito M. Hernandez and Filomena M. Hernandez founded the LEMERY COMPUTER CENTER on July 28, 1993 and started its operation as a mere Computer Center located at the ground floor of R. De Villa Building, Illustre Avenue, Lemery, Batangas and offered Tutorial Courses.

Considering the scope and limitations of a Computer Center and the positive feedback and encouragement from the different clientele to offer Computer Courses coupled with the wisdom of providing the groundwork for computer literacy in a larger perspective, Mr. and Mrs. Oscarlito Hernandez with three (3) business associates founded Lemery Computer School and occupied Parco Building at Rizal St., Lemery, Batangas for its initial operation. The authority to operate three (3) Associate Computer Courses namely: 2 years Computer Hardware Technology (CHT), 2 years Computer System Management (CSM), and 2 years Automated Office Management were granted and managed to generate 52 students during the first year of formal operation SY: 1994-1995. On February 17, 1995, DECS Region IV awarded Lemery Computer School, a Government Recognition (R-IV) Permit No. TV-R-OO3 S.,1995.

The strategic location of Lemery where the normal confluence of economic activities takes place and the industrial development that are taking place in the surrounding eight municipalities helps greatly in generating a remarkable growth in enrollment figures in the last couple of years for the tertiary level. To assure steady supply of enrollees, Lemery Computer School expanded its operation in 1994 by serving as Computer Education Provider for four (4) private Secondary Schools by providing them computer units and qualified teaching staff that specializes in Computer Instruction and Training Course so designed for high school students.

To achieve greater flexibility and in order to offer more associate and baccalaureate courses, LEMERY COMPUTER SCHOOL needs to amend the Articles of Incorporation, thus the Securities and Exchange Commission amended the Articles of Incorporation from LEMERY COMPUTER SCHOOL to LEMERY COLLEGES.

To date, LEMERY COLLEGES is currently chaired by Mr. Oscarlito Hernandez as President and Mrs. Filomena M. Hernandez as Vice President and Treasurer while Miss Ella A. Siscar, acts as the School...
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