Conclusions of the Study of Evaluation of Role of Homoeopathy in Learning Disability

Topics: Educational psychology, Sensitivity and specificity, Psychology Pages: 3 (817 words) Published: December 15, 2012
254 Conclusions:
Effect of the Homoeopathic Management and remediation in experimental and the control group, studied for one year, states that, Out of 30 cases of LD, Mild cases are seen 13%, Moderate cases are seen 73% and Severe are seen 14%. From the statistical study of the deviation of the scores from Baseline level to outcome level which shows the difference is real and hence highly significant, so concludes that the change in the Informal assessment scores is because of the Homoeopathic management that is administered. During the Homoeopathic management, improvement is seen primarily at the level of Handwriting followed by other parameters. Improvement in the co morbid features such as, improvement in the Attention span and significant control of Hyperactivity concludes that Homoeopathic management helps in the children of LD with Co morbid features, which might be in a way by clearing the altered sensitivity and allowing them to cope up with environmental stressors and should be further studied. There is role of Homoeopathic medicines in a cases of LD with co morbidities that the co morbid features reduces in terms of the intensity, so child becomes more receptive to the Educational inputs being administered. Also significant factors in the improvement of the child of the LD are Environmental inputs that are Support Structure of Family, society and the persistent educational inputs in terms of the Educational Remediation. In the management of the Learning disability there is need of the counseling and interventions in the Family in terms of the Family therapy, if situation 255

demand so, and helps in greater extent as it acts as maintaining factors for the condition. According to the type of prescriptions given, concludes that the constitutional medicines are efficient in the management of the Learning Disability. Summary:

The whole project of the learning disability was a wonderful journey for me, which led me to think...
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