Conducting Solutions

Topics: Chemistry, Ion, Chemical bond Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: October 1, 2008
Conductivity of Ionic and Molecular Aqueous Solutions


Aqueous solutions that have free ions have higher conductivity values than solutions with most molecules. The purpose of the experiment was to see if ionic strength of an aqueous solution determines its conductivity. We tested each compound by putting the conductivity probe into its aqueous solution. Then the computer would analyze the data and give us a conductivity value. After each solution was tested, we used deionized water to clean the probe and wiped it dry with a Kimwipe. In the experiment, solutions with more ions possessed higher conductivity values than solutions with just molecules. After comparing the conductivity values, it was concluded that solutions with free ions have higher conductivity than an aqueous solution containing molecules. So the ionic strength of an aqueous solution does determine the conductivity.


To measure conductivity we needed to understand the dissociation of ionic bonds. When two oppositely charged atoms bond together there is a transfer of an electron(s) from a cation to the anion. This occurs because the cation is willing to give up an electron to obtain 8 electrons in their valence shell where as the anion is accepting the electron to fulfill its valence shell. When compounds containing ionic bonds are dissolved in water, the ions dissociate from one another. This dissociation causes ions to move freely throughout the solution. The probe, placed in the solution, sends out a charge. This charge is carried by the free ions throughout the aqueous solution. The purpose of this experiment is to test if the ionic strength determines conductivity. If a solution has more ions dissociated then it will have a higher conductivity value. Whereas molecular solutions do not have any electrical charge and are stable bonds, so they don’t dissociate having low values. I predicted that the more ions a compound possessed, the higher the...
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