Conflict management among Chinese and Americans in a multinational company

Topics: Geert Hofstede, Cross-cultural communication, Culture Pages: 10 (2845 words) Published: October 4, 2014

Conflict Management among American and Chinese employees

In the current essay we will analyze the conflict management among American and Chinese employees. To begin with, it should be noted that communicative behavior is part of any national culture. Under the term ‘communicative behavior’ is usually understood a set of rules and traditions of the people to communicate. Knowledge of communication norms and traditions of the people allow participants of the speech act, belonging to different national cultures, to perceive and understand each other, and consequently, to promote intercultural communication. In addition, knowledge of intercultural communication can affect the solution of global problems, like clash of cultures. Particularly, even in case of talking the same language, people can not always understand each other correctly, and it is often the cause of the divergence of cultures. There are certain communication barriers that can be encountered in communication between Americans and Chinese employees. Sometimes intercultural communication at work can be ineffective and certain measures have to be taken. Such criteria as good work relationships and getting the job done can help evaluate communication effectiveness. The barriers of intercultural communication include different communication styles, face concern, language barriers, various thinking patterns, lack of certain knowledge, and lack of communication within the company. Taylor (2010) suggests that public relations involve common methods to handle information in the process of interaction between people. Interdependence of people lies in the fact that together they form a coherent system of meanings – jointly developed variants of understanding of specific situations. Since the mid 1960’s, culture has been seen as a set of material and spiritual values ​​created by human. Culture is a multifaceted, complex, historically developing social phenomenon; in a wide sense culture is a way of understanding of reality, implementation of human creativity in the field of material and spiritual activities. The social aspect of culture is often associated with biological characteristics. For example, it is assumed that people of certain gender, age, skin color, and body composition (height, weight, etc.) belong to a particular culture. Today, the term ‘culture’ means a certain level of development of human society and expressed in the types and forms of organization of human life and activity, as well as exposed in its material and spiritual values. In general, the most common grounds of conflicts that arise between Chinese-Americans in a multinational company can be summarized as follows. Li (2012) insists that typically, conflict is a process in which individual, group of people or a department of the company prevents the realization of plans of other employees. Among the most common causes of conflicts between Chinese-Americans in a multinational company are: Interdependence of employees or departments. Example: functions of searching of clients and working with clients are separated within the company. Call-center is engaged in searching of clients and sales managers are responsible for working with clients. Thus, call-center operators deliver customers’ applications to sales managers, and sales managers conduct further negotiations. In this situation, sales managers are dependent on call-center operators. Differences in culture or status. Example: during the meeting, the young specialist presents a promising project that could bring new customers to the company. However, a top manager, because of personal beliefs, immediately refuses to support the idea. Unclear tasks and criteria of performance evaluation. Example: manager put a bunch of documents on the table of the employee and instructed to "analyze" these documents. Then, without waiting for questions, the manager left to drink tea. But the employee does not know what means "analyze" the documents? With...
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