Conservation of Mass

Topics: Mass, Chemistry, Sodium bicarbonate Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: October 7, 2013

The main objective is to demonstrate the law of Conservation of Mass. Use Vinegar and baking soda to demonstrate the law of Conservation of Mass. Introduction:
The law of Conservation of Mass states that mass is neither created nor destroyed during ordinary chemical reactions or physical changes, which means that no matter how dramatic of a change that a substance goes through, it will not lose mass. It may seem like it lost mass, and usually, if you weighed the result, it will have a different measurement than when you first started. Sometimes the mass is lost into the atmosphere. Procedure:

Part 1:
1. Acquire, label, and record the weight of two beakers. Weigh 2-3 (g) of baking soda with one beaker. 2. Measure approximately 50 ml of vinegar. Weigh the vinegar with the second beaker. 3. Pour the vinegar into the beaker that holds the baking soda, onto the inside wall of the beaker, while swirling. Add only a small amount of vinegar at a time. 4. When the reaction is complete (the final product should be a clear liquid that looks similar to water) weigh and record the final mass. Part 2:

1. Acquire, label and record the weight of a plastic bag and twist ties. 2. Use the same quantities as part 1, using the plastic bag and twist ties. 3. Mix the vinegar and baking soda in the bag. Weigh the bag when the reaction is finished for the final mass.

Part 1:
When we poured in the vinegar, the mixture had a strong reaction. White foam was produced and cleared out after a few seconds. The end result was a clear liquid Part 2:
The same as Part 1.

Analysis and Conclusions:
The results that we got from the experiment were interesting. The results that we got from the first part seemed typical. We lost a small amount of mass, 1.4 g to be exact. I expected for the second part to have a different result. It turns out; the final mass was less than the initial mass by quite a margin. It seems that we lost five grams in...
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