Consumer Buying Behavior

Topics: Psychology, Need, Consumer Pages: 1 (311 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Consumer Buying Behavior
Consumer buying behavior can be defined as the way in which consumers or buyers of goods and services tend to react or behave when purchasing products that they like. Buyers tend to exhibit different types of buying behavior when they are in the process of purchasing goods and services and the behaviors witnessed are influenced by the type of product he/she wants to buy. Consumer buying behavior involves a long process where the buyer has to identify the product, study well its features, the pros and the cons and lastly deciding on whether to purchase it or not. Consumer buying behavior would make a certain buyer to purchase product A as opposed to product B or whether to purchase a certain product or leave it alone and all that is as a result of the buying decisions made by the buyer as to whether the product suits his/her needs and requirements. Consumers of goods and services may possess different types of consumer buying behavior that are unique to themselves. The buying behavior of consumer A may be different from those of consumer B and the difference may very well boil down to varying buying decision made by a consumer. According to Webster, “Buying behavior is all psychological, social and physical behavior of potential customers as they become aware of, evaluate, purchase, consume and tell other people about products and services.” Hence, buying behavior involves a complicated series of stimulus and response reactions to many factors or motives. These motives may be expressed or unexpressed and are based up on deepseated needs or more openly felt wants. When someone buys something, he or she psychologically satisfies both a need and a want. He or she buys a specific product out of a vast log, because it provides him or her with certain mental or physical satisfactions.

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