Copper Lab

Topics: Chemical reaction, Chemistry, Chemical reactions Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Analysis: Copper Lab

1) Calculate the mass of the copper that was recovered

2) Use the formula shown below to calculate the “percent of recovery” of copper for your experiment.

3) Use the proper symbol and formula to write balanced equation for each of the five copper reactions, include state symbols.

4) Classify each of the five copper reactions. (Refer to the above order, please!) A) Single Displacement
B) Double Displacement
C) Decomposition
D) Double displacement
E) Single Displacement

5) For each of the reactions list the physical evidence that a chemical change was taking place (Please refer to the order in #3) A) Production of gas, color change, heat produced.
B) Head produced, color change, formation of a precipitate.
C) Color Change
D) Color Change
E) Production of heat, production of a precipitate, color change. 6) What is a precipitate?
A precipitate is a solid that is produced as a result of a chemical reaction in a solution. 7) What is the purpose of washing the precipitate?
The purpose of washing a precipitate is to remove any other chemicals lingering in the solution after decanting. This eliminates the chemicals from affecting the reactions with the solution. 8) What is decanting? What was the purpose of decanting in this experiment? Decanting is a process where one pours a precipitate away from a solution. Decanting was used in this experiment to separate the precipitate so that it may be used in another reaction. a) If you were careless while decanting, what is likely to happen to your precipitate? The precipitate could have fallen out of the beaker and be lost from the experiment. b) How would that carelessness affect your percent recovery? By losing precipitate, there would be a lower percent recovery. c) Identify which chemicals were decanted away at any point during the experiment. The following chemicals were decanted: water (H20) and zinc sulfate. 9) Why was your percent recovery less than 100%? Sight specifics...
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