Copper & Sulfur Abstract.

Topics: Chemistry, Chemical element, Chemical compound Pages: 1 (297 words) Published: September 15, 2010
Synthesis of a Compound
Jana Lujan
Chemistry / Period 1

The objective for this lab was to study the reaction between two elements (Cu and S). The major concepts that were observed throughout this experiment were physical and chemical properties. The end result of this lab was a chemical property because the elements completely changed states going from a solid to a liquid. Although the state of the elements altered, the matter was not destroyed or created but only rearranged which is an idea that was developed by Dalton. This idea is known as the Law for The Conservation of Matter.

We observed the reaction between copper and sulfur before, during and after being heated. We measured small amounts of copper and sulfur and added them to a test tube. Then, we attached a balloon to the open end of a test tube to secure any gases that would have escaped if it was left open. Following that, we connected and secured a test tube clamp to the center for several reasons, one was being so that as lab conductors we would have a safe place to hold the test tube without being burned. We then proceeded to heat the test tube and observe the elements change states of matter. After heating we let the experiment sit for a few minutes and wrote down observations.

When working to find the group and class data it is important to calculate the information correctly because it could have a significant effect on the class statistics as a whole. The percent error of my group was eighteen percent, The main goal was to have a change in mass of ‘zero’ but due to different sources of error, most groups were not able to get to that conclusion.
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