Core Belife

Topics: 2003 films, Big Fish Pages: 2 (686 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Core Belief

When people look at the actions of Pope Urban II, calling a crusade against the Muslim people of the east, one would notice that the crusade was a war of fear and lack of understanding. By examining the story “Liberation of Rome” and the movie “Big fish“ it will be proven that the characters in the story, to change a core belief. They must change their understanding of who they actually are as a result, the characters struggle to retain their beliefs they are afraid to examine them selves and see who or what, they truly are.

The characters in the story “The Liberation of Rome” show that both characters have a strong core belief that also causes them to question their own understanding of what they had learned and been taught. Firstly, When Dr. Radlisch and Amy were discussing the reasoning as to why Amy was unable to write her class paper, Amy says “I’m a Vandal, Dr. Radlisch.” (pg. 126). Amy has no hesitation showing her strong sense of belief, which also cause Dr. Radlisch to become confused and struggle to change his own belief. This proves that the characters struggle to retain their beliefs and that they are afraid to examine themselves. The second example shows that Amy does not change her understanding of who she actually is. This is shown when Amy sees a quotation in Dr. Radlisch’s room which she does not agree with “But why is it here? It’s…like propaganda”. (pg 125). The fact that Amy uses the word “propaganda” shows her strong sense of disagreement with the quotation because of her strong core beliefs. This also shows that Amy refuses to change her own belief to make a better understanding of the situation. The final example, is when Dr. Radlisch is starting to question Amy’s background and logic “you deface property’ ’Another lie; she said ’Another stinking roman lie.” (pg 126). Amy becomes angered by Dr. Radlisch’s remark, because it causes her to question her own belief and her understanding of herself. Amy’s strong core...
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