Corruption in Africa

Topics: Africa, Atlantic slave trade, Slavery Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Corruption in Africa July 13, 2011 by: Salha Kaitesi
Corruption in Africa can be overcome. Period. How? By having outstanding leaders in the community. This can only be achieved if we start at the grassroots level. In other words, with our children. The right upbringing for a child brings wonders to the child themselves, family, community, country and Africa at large. Today Africa is covered with corrupt leaders. Not a day goes by during which you don’t read something about how corrupt the continent of Africa and its leaders are, from the “little” leader at school to the “big” leader of a country. The citizens of the continent of Africa are forced to pay bribes left, right and center in order to get by. So, with money, however little it might be, and as long as you are willing to part with it, there is very little that you can’t achieve. If you can afford it, you can go a long way. To the poor who can’t, their fate is forever sealed. Unfortunately, the latter are the majority. With this happening each and every day of their lives, how does one expect the poor to ever develop? Corruption in Africa has been going on for centuries, even during the slave trade when the traditional rulers would sell their own people for their own interest. Since then nothing has really changed. It is just that, due to Western infiltration, Africans are becoming more educated and thus aware of this foul play. Most African leaders are power hungry and greedy. When they come into a leadership role they put themselves and their immediate family first rather than the interests of the country. They forget that they are there to serve us – the people who put them in that position in the first place and the same people who can bring them down too. I don’t have to name any names because you already know who they are. Can it also be argued that most African leaders are bound to be corrupt because of the poor background they come from? Many steal as much wealth and plunder as many assets as...
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